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The Best ADHD Blogs of 2014 as selected by has some interesting information about ADHD and actually celebrates ADHD blogs, ADHD apps and ADHD videos! Here is a revised list of the best ADHD blogs of 2014 as selected by to help connect you with already great blogs and support online. Even though alot of the information is American it means that it’s more up to date in terms of research and treatment methods, the only issues you may find is access to these treatments and services.

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CHADD Leadership Blog
 – A regular commentary on issues related to ADHD from the CEO and other leaders of CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder).
– Latest research
– Innovative treatments
– Personal stories





– This site has practical tips and solutions for coping day-to-day with people of all ages with diagnosed ADHD or just understanding your own diagnosis better. You’ll also get advice for finding the right doctor, sorting through treatment plans, and educating yourself about your options.
– Concise information
– Appropriate for adults, parents and teachers
Coping with ADHD section


ADD Moms
– Brenda Nicholson was diagnosed while having her children evaluated. Nicholson learned to live with her disorder and now helps others cope by working as a life coach specialising in adult ADHD. She has been researching since 1986 and is an expert for ADD on
– A wealth of experience
– Loads of knowledge
– Perspective of a mother, wife and woman with ADHD




ADDitude Magazine Blog
– Here you can find posts written by a variety of guest bloggers who bring a range of experiences and expertise on the subjects of ADHD and being a parent. From stories about discovering the early signs of ADHD in a child to tips for making your life easier, you won’t be disappointed by the content.
– A large variety of information
– A great place to start catching up on all things ADHD
– Podcast from the podcasts page



ADDitude: The Experts
– another collection of blog posts from ADDitude magazine, with blog posts by experts in the field of ADHD. Pediatricians, psychologists, educators, and more are available to answer your questions about anything related to ADHD.
– Accessible expert advice
– Opportunity to ask experts in the field questions




ADHD Management Blog
– A blog devoted to helping adults diagnosed with ADHD learn about their disorder and find the resources needed to live happily with it. Founder Jennifer Koretsky shares her personal story of being diagnosed at the age of 25. Although it was difficult news to hear, her diagnosis turned on a light bulb that helped her make positive changes in her life.
– Start seeing your ADHD for what it is
– Keep positive
– Podcast on the podcasts page




Totally ADD
– see great strides in breaking down the stigma of adult ADHD with humor and fun. Why just learn about your disorder? Get an education and learn to laugh about it by enjoying the posts and the social interaction atTotally ADD.
– Laugh about your disorder
– Live lighter
My ADD/ADHD Blog – Tara McGillicuddy was diagnosed with ADHD and now is an ADHD coach sharing her triumphs and information to other adults with ADHD. On Tara’s blog, you’ll find posts with useful and practical tips for coping with ADHD. Tara McGillicuddy also provides information about apps and other products to help you on a daily basis, along with opportunities to attend conferences, seminars, and training sessions. Tara also has a podcast, you can find it on the Podcasts on ADHD page.
– Opportunities: conferences, seminars, and training sessions
– Tools and Apps to help you day-to-day

*This information has been provided for the sharing of online support and information on Adult ADHD and not for personal gain. The images and text included in this page are used for this purpose and this purpose only. Hyperlinks included in this page are correct and complete as of 07/07/2014