Brain training and ADHD

Dr Amen is a specialist in brain disorders* and mostly in ADHD. He conducts brain scans to see how the brain processes information and how structural differences in the brain can effect cognition.

Dr Amen and his team has created a brain training system that is clinically proven to help those with brain disorders* and is comparatively more comprehensive than its counterparts.

I have tried many apps including lumosity, the wii brain trainer games, fit brains, and cogmed amongst others. Theses systems fatigue my brain in the long term rather than help improve it. If you haven’t tried many training systems I would recommend skipping the hype and trialling this system because it’s clinically proven in a lab.

*ADHD is now classed as a brain disorder and learning disorder rather than behavioural disorder in Australia and the US


Other brain training systems
Fit Brains
A Clockwork Brain for iOS
Brain School

If you know other brain training systems available for people with ADHD that are not listed here or there is a broken link please email me at
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