Let go from my job AGAIN…


I was let go from my last job a few weeks ago now. It knocked the wind out of my sails for sure. I thought I was going to be there for a long time – I got along with everyone in the office, people noticed when I didn’t make it in, I was doing my job well and I was getting paid well. All of a sudden my boss called me into the office and put me in a awkward situation. I’d noticed a weird vibe coming from her like she wasn’t happy with me and when I had been sick the two weeks before that she immediately assumed I was lying (without saying it straight out).

So my boss sat me down and asked me how I thought I was going in my job (which meant: how do you think I feel about how you’re going in your job?). Why hadn’t she mentioned something previously? When I asked for feedback about my performance in my job why did she say that I was doing fine? Put simply, she is a bad manager. She hadn’t trained me properly, given me feedback or sat down with me since I had started just before Christmas. Buying your staff a coffee and talking about everything except work is not having a supervision meeting and mentioning what you expect once does not count as one warning or two. The sad part about all of this is because I have ADHD with a generous portion of self-doubt and a sense of worthlessness.

I suppose what I’m saying is it’s probably not you. People with ADHD are emotionally sensitive and I suppose keeping that in mind can help you keep your head above water. Maybe.