ADD/ADHD: It’s A Real Thing

I'm Not Miss Beadle

Someone near and dear to me posted to Facebook this article from Lifehack.  It discusses characteristics that are common to adults with ADD or ADHD.  It behooves us to take note of some of the limitations faced by those who struggle with something we generally consider a kids’ disability.

The thing is, kids grow up.  And many times, the struggles remain.  This article gave me some perspective on what I often consider annoying habits and behaviors in others.

It’s also good information to keep in mind as I deal with ADD/ADHD kids in my classroom.  They’re not trying to be bad.  They’re trying to cope with something even adults have a hard time handling.  Sometimes it’s good to remember that we need to cut each other a little slack and treat each other with a little kindness and understanding.

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