Sleepiness and irritability

Insomnia is a very common comorbidity (secondary condition associated with the primary condition) of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and one I have had for a long long time. My GP thought it was due to depression and anxiety (another common comorbidity) and my therapists believed I had lived with depression for my whole life. Now that I know I have ADHD I know that that has been the cause for these issues of which I always thought were normal until I was in my early 20’s.

I often wonder if sleeping beauty had ADHD and not a curse? I’ve slept for an entire month before because I was so tired! You don’t believe me do you? I really did, I only got up for food and to go to the toilet and would go back to sleep again. Below is a pic of me not too long before the month long sleep… I was falling asleep everywhere! This is at my mates place. We were hanging out after work. I was known for falling asleep it got that bad.

I tell you what it’s tempting! Very very tempting…. Being an adult with responsibilities is cramping my style hahaha

Embarrassing ADHD moments!
I’ve been so so tired for the past week! I have been having huge difficulties keeping awake while driving, while speaking with my manager and colleagues and it’s so tempting to just stay home and sleep. I’ve been encouraging my work colleagues to clean up after themselves in the kitchen and had to introduce a 50c fine for each item that’s left on the bench or sink for more than 15mins… Add my irritability and tiredness and you have a crazy lady nagging and annoying everyone about their stuff in the kitchen. One of my colleagues is like a little brother to me he said, “ohhh… That’s not very nice” and “you know you’re gonna be like this with your kids?” Automatically I said, “yeah, I’ve already had to bring up my brothers and I had to be like this”. I walked back to my desk and a sense of shame washed over me like I’d just sprinted into a brick wall willingly. I found a “sorry bro” meme and sent it to the boys. I’ve had to try to be subtle and not bring it up too often which seems to be working?? #shame