What does ADHD mean to a woman in Sydney?

Having ADHD in Sydney for me means that regular public transport can be a blessing and a curse. For example, if I plan to catch the bus with just enough time to get to work which allows me to hit snooze then I will most definitely be late for work. Because the services are frequent I’m not too late however I have no excuse.

Having ADHD in Sydney means that the germs that are carried throughout this public transport system are more than likely able to find warmth, moisture and nutrition within the walls of my respiratory system. Why? Because feeling run down doing everyday tasks is normal when you live in Sydney with ADHD.

Having ADHD in Sydney means that everyone around me thinks they know what ADHD is and it’s not a real condition. It means that if I show people how clever I may be or how calm I am I’m proving them right, “see, you can’t have ADHD”. Unfortunately ADHD is misleading because not everyone is hyperactive ie. it’s common to be calm, quiet and tired when you loose attention.

Having ADHD in Sydney means that when the sun is shining its warm rays down I have to be in on the action! What a wonderful distraction!

Having ADHD in Sydney means I haves loads of friends from many different places across the world and across Australia. I can appreciate all their unique qualities and make friends quickly but I have a hard time keeping in touch and it sends the wrong signals to people. So while I’m always gaining friends I’m also loosing them.

Having ADHD in Sydney also means I have no time and I get bored really easily. Boredom is a distraction because I have the need to feel pleasure and excitement. Unfortunately with ADHD often comes depression so the attainability of pleasure and excitement is miraculous and often short lived.

What does ADHD mean for you where you are?