Hyperfocus and forgetting I remembered

A lot of people don’t really understand that what separates people with ADHD verses people without ADHD is the symptoms of difficulty in focus and hyperfocus.

The other night I was looking for new games in iTunes to keep me entertained on my iPad. I saw a time management game advertisement so I started looking at time management games and downloaded a few free ones with good rating to give it a try. I got the hang of it and went to bed. The next day I caught the bus and was excited to play my new games! I got onto it as soon as I could and loved every minute of it. All of a sudden someone tapped me on the shoulder – I was in an empty bus. Everyone had gotten off in a rush as they normally do and I didn’t even notice! And I would have missed my stop if it wasn’t for the kind passenger who broke my focus.

They say you hyperfocus on things you enjoy? Time management games, gardening and the radio? So my ideal job would be to manage a gardening team while listening to the radio? Hahaha… Sure. I’d do that (when it’s not raining!).

The downside of hyperfocus
I tend to push myself to focus at work to make sure I’m doing what they pay me to do. Sometimes I get hyperfocused esp if everyone is in and is being productive and I don’t get interrupted but then I forget over and over again the take my meds. I want to take them when I get in but then I think “oh, I don’t really want to eat now… I can take it at 11am” and that soon becomes “oh! I’m having lunch at 1pm so I can take it then” followed by “why isn’t my brain working?! Ohh it’s 3pm and I haven’t taken my meds yet!”

Routine is very important and something I need to continually remind myself to do because I forget and I forget that I remembered and it all goes to muck. That’s when I need to put some routine back in. I rode my exercise bike this morning to get me out of bed and to try and stop me from overeating. I just need to figure out something I can regularly eat when I get to work so that I can take my meds on time! I have a lunchtime routine where I eat legumes, beans and flavoured tuna for the protein plus it’s low GI benefits – it helps to keep my brain going and prevents me from suffering a sugar low. I try not to have sweet things for that reason also. But when I come home it’s on for young and old!

Don’t even start about my dinner routine! Dinner for us has become either Thai or Chinese takeaway. I barely cook anymore since working full time. I just don’t know what to do??

One step at a time 😜