Productivity boosted!

So guess what I did that dramatically increased my productivity and focus this week?? Let’s go back a bit. I have been working at my current job for 3 months now and no matter how many times I tell them that i’ve got ADHD and that I get easily distracted it never really seems to sink in to the people around me. What I did was create a visually pleasing sign that said “please DO NOT DISTURB before 12.30pm. Thank you for helping to improve my productivity” this has taken the responsibility off myself and placed it upon the others to allow me to be productive in the morning and it serves as a constant reminder; when they come to talk to me they see the sign, smile and walk away. I’ve only had it for 2 days now but I think it’s working!

Embarrassing ADHD moment of the week
I drove to work and forgot all about it. I didn’t move the car all day and only remembered at 4:55pm! A colleague of mine had done it the other day and said it cost $40!  “There is no way I can afford $40 for 1 day of parking” I thought to myself. I told my boss about it and he felt compassion and informed me I could tail gate the person in front of me out of the carpark. Could I do that? I was seriously considering pressing the intercom button and crying saying I have a mental disorder. I breathed slowly in and slowly out when getting into my car and heading towards the carpark gate. I stared at the car in front of me focusing on the smallest of movements. Before I knew it I had gone through the gate and felt immense relief, exilleration and a little guilt all at the same time. I reminded myself that I couldn’ afford the $40, or the money argument that comes with it, nor would the carpark attendant be so lenient. I was left with relief!