Forgetting – an embarrassing symptom?

Today. I had a ultrasound booked in for 4pm. I made sure I had drunk enough water and had been showered etc. had an argument on the phone with my husband about my growing list of things to do before 5pm and forgot my mobile AND ultrasound referral.
I arrived feeling sheepish, should I just go home and book another appointment or should I admit to my memory fail and get the scan done? I imagined I was working with people with disabilities and someone like me with ADHD admitted to such a failing…. My response was, “no worries, that’s so fine. You don’t need to apologise for experiencing symptoms of your condition”. I had my answer. I decided it wouldn’t bother me if the receptionist was put out by my ADHD. Even if it wasn’t ADHD people forget things all the time, why should I crucify myself for forgetting when I would forgive someone else?
I also decided that should someone get upset because I’ve simply (because it is simple) forgot something that is a symptom of my condition I would ask them if they would be just as pissed off with a partially blind person not seeing something that is perceivably obvious to someone else.

I think we all need to practice loving ourselves and respecting others. Letting simple things upset us increases our stress levels and in turn increases our ADHD symptoms.