Where is my spark?

Have any of you seen the movie, Mr Magnorium’s Wonder Emporium? If you haven’t it’s a nice movie you can put on when you’re feeling blue or on a rainy day. The reason why I ask if you have seen this movie is because when I watch it the story isn’t about Mr Magorium, his emporium or the mutant at all; it’s about Mahoney realising that her dream has slowly vanished while persuing her love for Mr Magorium and his emporium. She starts to doubt her abilities, her creativity and her faith in herself and this is where the problems of the movie show themselves. Like Mahoney I feel like my dream has vanished before my eyes and I’m not too sure if I will get another chance at it again. I wish that finding the faith in myself, in my creativity and my abilities was as easy as trying to prove someone wrong like it is in this movie (in a round about way!). Like you my ADHD hampers my ability to concentrate and to recall information when needed. This has become a problem while studying physiotherapy at university for me. You may wonder if you’re not smart? You are, people with ADHD are highly intelligent. Attention is what holds us back from performing to our potential – it’s as if we don’t have a potential because when we try really hard the worse the attention issue becomes! The worst oxymoron to live with; the root cause of our frustration… I just wanna find my spark! Find people who believe in you (people who can see what you could be with guidance and encouragement).
1. Let them challenge you about habits, thoughts and behaviours you have that are obstructing you from getting to where you wish to be
2. Let them inspire you to be more than you are. Accept their compliments and know that they’re true facts about you – You do have value, you do have strengths
3. You are your worst critic and but you should be your best friend. Best friends tell us whats great about us and they also tell you what’s not. Learn to talk to yourself the same way – Not as a judge or law enforcement officer, but as your best mate that means the world to you.
4. Step up to the occasion. Don’t let others tell you what to do, but consider advice thoughtfully. Any steps and decisions you make are credit to your own effort and goals, there are no “bad decisions”, every decision is just another step and another lesson.


Let’s go find our sparks!