Routine and focus?

Earlier today I started writing a new page on routine and focus with Adult ADHD and not beating up on yourself… I am the queen of beating one’s self up and getting distracted! Or at least I feel like I am… Putting routine stuff into practice is always the hardest part. I find that I have great days when I think to myself, “wow! I was so productive today and I’m feeling great, I think I’m finally getting the hang of this”. Then I’ll follow that with the most unproductive day like I have no medium – its extreme to extreme! The part I beat myself up about the most is when my ADHD plays up at work and my managers ask me what I have been doing with my time… “ummm… I’ve been doing all these things and then I went on a tangent at some point looking at how to create a survey monkey and what kind of commitment is required to sponsor a community project”. I can’t say that so I try to explain what I have been doing without sounding like I’m making up excuses. Then I think – it’s all just a matter of time until they decide to replace me… I know it’s not true, I’m just insecure. Got any advice??