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This website has been created to support the official Adults with ADHD Sydney Facebook Group group on Facebook… Did that sound as weird as it came out??

The Facebook group was created in a response to a lack of support for Adults with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in the greater Sydney region both online and geographically. No one seems to know anything about adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and unfortunately it is still seen as a behavioural disorder. In recent years research has uncovered that ADHD is not a behavioural disorder at all. Behavioural disorders can be managed through psychotherapy; rather ADHD is a learning disability due to the differences in size of the frontal lobe and temporal lobes of the brain and a decrease in grey matter (brain cells) but an increase in white matter (their connections). ADHDers need to use a lot more of their brains than non-ADHDers to compensate for these physical and chemical differences in the brain and this can lead to fatigue and irritability as a result. Depending on how you cope with life and your ADHD brain depends on whether ADHD is a disorder or a gift. We will talk about this later on.

The Adults with ADHD Sydney facebook group is a place to connect with like minded or like brained individuals where you can find encouragement, understanding, information, and friendships through shared local events and online messaging.

Feel free to post, create events and comment.20140518-204109-74469617.jpg

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About Me?
20140628-211824-76704307.jpgJaya Baldock (left), James Baldock (right). Worcestershire, England 2013

My name is Jaya, I’m 28 and live in The Hills District of Sydney. I myself was only diagnosed in November 2013 with Adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (Inattentive type). In my search across the web for information and support I was disappointed to find nothing much at all for Adults to start off with but nothing that was directed at Adults in Sydney, NSW Australia.

I have fought an uphill battle in getting to talk to friends, collegues, superiors and my parents about my new diagnosis and why it is more relevant than just plain old depression and anxiety. A lot of people look me up and down and I can see on their faces, “oh… here we go!” when I explain my experiences. They then try to talk me out of the ADHD diagnosis because I’m not hyperactive and don’t come across as someone who would have struggled in school. Yes I’m intelligent, but that only shows how much frustration I have gone through with jobs and study where the report was “if she just applied herself”. My mother still laughs to this day about my infatuation with colouring in when I was going through grade 5. I experienced a lot of rejection from not only students but teachers as well and the special education teachers couldn’t understand why I needed help reading and writing. I couldn’t understand why I didn’t fit in either class, but I loved special ed because we got to read books filled with colours and escape the mundane routine of the classroom that was not stimulating at all and was actually killing me slowly.

Once I got to high school the constant moving from one class to another and actually having friends helped me a lot! I performed so well that I couldn’t understand why I was treated as though I was dumb in primary school since I was acing tests and encouraged in class discussions.

I’ve recently had to let my dream to become a physiotherapist die because I need support that the university isn’t prepared to give me. They don’t want to give me alternate testing or change the length of exams because “everyone” has to be able to do it. Whatever! Don’t go through the Australian Catholic University if you need special considerations through the Physiotherapy faculty because it ain’t gonna happen unless you have organised letters from your specialists prior to commencing study but the considerations will be very minor… Enough about that!

You may be in the same boat or have come a long way since way back then. Either way we can encourage, support and spur one another on.
Ready, set…. Squirel!?

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